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VW Beetle (A5) 2.0 TSI ECU Tuning by ECM Titanium

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What You Will Learn In This Course?


🚩In this session, we’re going to learn how to remap “Volkswagen new Beetle 2000 CC 16 V TFSI 200 CV with BOSCH MED17.5 ECU”. In this course, together, we will examine all the essential tips for remapping this ECU. 

💬What is a TSI engine?

The Volkswagen turbocharged stratified injected (TSI) engine is a lightweight, high-power, fuel-efficient four-cylinder traditional combustion engine. The engine's claim to fame is its low-end torque and power, something that turbocharged four-cylinder engines have historically struggled with.

These models share the same engine and ECU as this car. So, if you learn how to remap this ECU model in this course, you will have no trouble remapping the other models.


  1. Skoda Octavia
  2. Skoda Superb
  3. Skoda Superbcombi
  4. VW Passat CC (35) 
  5. VW Passat (3C)
  6. VW Golf (1K)
  7. VW Jetta
  8. Audi A3 (8P)
  9. Audi A4 (B8)
  10. Audi A5 (8T)
  11. Audi TT (8J)
  12. Seat Altea (5P)
  13. Seat Altea XL (5P)
  14. Seat Exeo (3R)
  15. Seat Exeo ST (3R)
  16. Seat Leon (1P)

🏁We recommend KESS V2 and KTAG programmers for programming this ECU. As you can see, using KESS V2 and KTAG, you can read all Bosch MED 17.5 models of Volkswagen engines. Some models of this ECU can read the ECU file from the OBD port, and some cannot. Non-OBD-ready programmers should be modified by virtual reading. Virtual reading means that the ECU cannot read the ECU file from the OBP port, and you have to download the original file from Alientech's database. 

To do this, when you connect KESS V2 to the ECU, the device will display the software/ calibration message. You should download it from the database and write it onto the ECU via the OBD port after remapping. If you cannot find the software/ calibration that you want in the database, you can always use the KTAG programmer to directly read the ECU's original file. We have already downloaded this ECU's file from the database and saved it here.