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Incal Tool v7 last update 2023

$125.00 $200.00


Update: 12.2022
Size: 45 Mb
Region: All regions
Type: unpacker repacked for Incal 
Language: English
SO: Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP
Instruction: Present
Installation: 1 PC (TeamViewer) 
Version: v7
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Feature Highlights:

* INCAL to CAL conversion.
* Modified CAL to INCAL (for programming vehicles via INSITE w/modified calibration files.)
* Repack New INCAL for use on Older INSITE (7.6.x)
* Repack Old INCAL for use on Newer INSITE (8.x.x)
* Repack ANY INCAL to remove all passwords.
* Change Starting Date for INCAL discs so they never expire.


New features in v7.0:

-Added functionality for INSITE 8.7.3 and higher.
-Fixed corruption bug when using "Any to NoPass" feature.
-Added more compatibility for High DPI and higher resolution monitors.
-Modified text on "Repack type" to be more realistic / simple.

New features in v6.0:
-Added compatibility for High DPI and higher resolution monitors.
-Added functionality for newer INCALs and INSITE 8.7.x.

New features in v5.5:
-Added "1 Day Expiry" checkbox for custom INCAL creation. Using this will set INCAL to expire in 1 day.
-Modified color of Custom INCAL properties to the color red if they're required to be valid data in order to flash.

New features in v5.4:
-Updated repacker for new INSITE 8.6 encryption method.
-Updated Custom INCAL for new INSITE 8.6 encryption method.

New features in v5.3:
-Fixed a bug that could cause program to run slow in some instances.
-ECM SN field was renamed to correct name, ECM PN.
-LINEHAUL in Custom INCAL was renamed to CUSTOM.
-Revision comments in Custom INCAL modified to 'Created'.
-Removed extra unnecessary incorrect performance data in Custom INCAL.
-"File skipped" messaged fixed to say "File created" during Custom INCAL creation.

New features in v5.2:
-Added ability to choose which version of INSITE to create custom INCAL for.
-Fixed a bug that could cause error message when creating custom INCAL.

New features in v5.1:
-Added ability to create INCAL disc with calibration.
-Fixed a bug that could cause the program to crash unexpectedly.

New features in v5.0:
-Added ability to create INCAL discs from scratch.
-Added customizability to change what shows up in INSITE.

New features in v3.0:
-Added repacker functionality. You can now repack New INCALs for use on older INSITE 7.6.x.
You can also repack the other direction or even clear passwords on all files.
-Fixed bugs during unzipping newer INCALS.
-Improved speed of repacking functionality.
-New licensing system for performance improvements.

What this program does:
This program will automatically replace an INCAL zipped file with your modified calibration
so that it can be used in INSITE for tuning purposes.
This program is designed to save time so you don't have to rename to .zip, unzip, rezip, etc.

1.) Open Program. Enter path to your INCAL file from INCAL disc in the "Original INCAL Calibration file" area.
2.) Then place the path to the file you modified with an overlay in the "Overlay-modified file" area.
3.) Click "RUN".


This will update your source file with the modified cal you specified. It will overwrite source file.

Optional: You can use the "UNZIP" button to unzip or "convert" the INCAL file to a calibration file if needed.

"Source INCAL File": C:\Intelect\INSITE\CalibrationWorkspace\intelect\esdn\data\BBZ\cal\CL10009.bbz
"Overlay-modified file": C:\Temp\CL10009.06

1.) If you use repacker on older INCAL discs, then make sure to also change dates using the provided functionality.