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Uprev Training course for Nissan and Infiniti cars



Uprev training course starts with the basics of downloading and installing the Uprev flash software. We start with the basics of learning how to properly flash and license a file, and move into understanding the Nissan tables to edit the fuel, ignition timing, cam timing, and more!

A course in the uprev program for Nissan and Infiniti cars, explaining the correct modification method!!!

It includes high quality videos for your convenience…

22.7 GB videos containing 16 videos as follows:
This course for Uprev Software from Evans performance academy.

Part 1: install software:
how to download and install the Uprev flash tuning software to begin the training series.

part 2: Getting Start:
the basics of using the Uprev flash tuning software. We explore how to flash files, how to license files,
and many other basic software features and functions.

Part 3: Fuel tuning.
fuel tuning tables and how to properly rescale for larger injector or a change
in the intake diameter.


Part 4: Ignition Tuning
the ignition tables and how to work with the burn rate values within the tables.

Part 5: Cam Phasing & VVEL
the cam phasing and VVEL tables.

Part 6: Additional Tables
programming the additional tables left in our ROM files such as idle control,
electronic throttle control, torque management, rev and speed limiters, and more.

Part 7: ARC Features
the ARC features and simplified timing tables in newer ROM types.

Part 8: Logging/Tracing
using the logging/tracing features within the Uprev tuning software suite.
We also take a look at using the real time tuning features for various tables.


Part 9:Excel K. Multiplier Fuel Calculator
Excel K. Multiplier Fuel Calculator walks you through using the supplied Excel based
K. Multiplier fuel calculator. This allows you to quickly determine a proper
K. Multiplier value based on injector size, MAF housing size, and even ethanol content.


10 : Uprev Live Training Part 1 Turbocharged Nissan 370z

11 : Uprev Live Training Part 2 Turbocharged Nissan 370z

12 : Uprev Live Training Part 3 Turbocharged Nissan 370z

13 : Uprev Live Training Part 4 Turbocharged Nissan 370z

14 : Uprev Live Training NA Infinity G35 Part 1

15 : Uprev Live Training NA Infinity G35 Part 2

16 : Uprev Live Training NA Infinity G35 Part 3