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TruckTool 3.13.1 Diagnostic Tool for Rocla, Mitsubishi, CAT, Unicarriers, TCM



Update: 03.2021
Size: 38 Gb
Brand: Rocla, Mitsubishi, CAT, Unicarriers, TCM
Region: All regions
Type: diagnostic tool 
Language: English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Italiano, Russian, Japanese, Chinese 
SO: VMware (All windows 64 bits/32 bits)
Instructions: present
Number of discs: 10 rar file
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TruckTool 3.7.1

New Support Truck Model:

  • PBV20-25N3, PBF20-25N3R / S, NPV20-25N3, NPF20-25N3R / S, PTF200-250, PTP200-250R / S, PLF200-250, PLR200-250, PLS200-250
  • A lightweight variant of SENSIA, NR-N2, Humanic²

Standard upgrade safety seat belt for the following models:

  • FB16A (C) N-20A (C) N, EP16A (C) N-20A (C) N, FB14A (C) NT-20A (C) NT, EP14A (C) NT-20A (C) NT
  • FB25 (C) N-35 (C) N, EP25-35 (C) N, MX25-35 (L), FHB25-35-F1 (L)