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$135.00 $250.00


Last update: 06.2022
Size: 325 Gb  HDD
Region: Worldwide
Type: Diagnostic Software 
Language: Multi language
OS: Win 10, Win 7
Instructions: Present
Installation: full & Teamviewwer Support
Shipping : DHL Express Free-Shipping (Arrived within 5-10 Business Days)



If your machine is open port or star C6 vci, please leave a message when you make the payment so that we can send the correct software to you.

1. The software has been updated to V2022.06, the latest version software will be sent.
2. There is no need to insert batteries into the C4 Multiplexer, it can get power from your vehicles.
3. Please don't install other browser or other software in our HDD, otherwise, EWA can't open or other software is damaged.
4. Do not install an unknown program, a browser. Some files are in a different situation and can be found as a virus, and cause software damage.
Item Description:
1. Supports HHTWIN. Perfect working starfinder, EPC supports price inquiry extension, PL72 supports price inquiry system, includes Vidiamo 21.9GB database, supports data.
2. 100925/101044 supports most of SD C4/SD C5 (All new and old C4/C5 support).
3. Delete password DAS special function (DAS can do special functions), DAS increase can be programmed offline. All DAS functions are activated.
4. Support online programming, SCN login, if you need an official account and password can contact us
5. Multi-language, the language of 23 countries can be set. Zen-tree/das/Epc/wis supports multiple languages.
PC requirements:
RAM 4 Gb
Processor with virtualization technology support (enable virtualization in BIOS).
Acronis Image with Windows 10x64 Rus (by default) + English.
Photo of the automotive diagnostic, coding and programming software from the Mercedes Benz concern.
This image contains all software from various sources, including activators.
The image is fully configured and working. Checked in 15 auto services.
The image contains everything you need to activate and configure yourself.
The software package is already configured for mb Star C4 (Mercedes Star Diagnostic Embedded 4).

Programs Included :

Zenry OpenShell 20.9.4 full 03.2022
DAS SCN Offline Coding (SD Flash 07.2018)
Vediamo 05.01.01
DTS Monaco 8.16.015 + projects 2019
EPC 11.2018
WIS 07.2020
StarFinder 2016
HTT-Win on Hyper-V Password: 111
Videomo + Monaco brochures.
Login: DLM Password: DLM
Current updates:
Disassem by Assistant.
Previous updates:
Firmware database for Vidiamo and Monaco
HHTWin is configured to diagnose trucks and buses
Independent DAS configuration, there is a shortcut
There is a shortcut to launch HHTWin directly

It is configured to work without errors Zenry-XUS Update Service, which includes more than 64 thousand drivers from the factory that can be downloaded for free on demand by clicking on the button in the program

Zenry update data is downloaded automatically without errors

DAS is not currently applied to SCN because this assembly under the online flash folder needs to be renamed before applying the patch

There is a Zenry patcher and black except for the long key

DTS Monaco configuration interface for SD connect

language system:

Xen = Experience the benefits of a new long key (original key) compared to the old xen-try key:

1. No need to fix 3.91: You can use the original db2mv.gmf file

2. 2221-45 no need to fix: you can use com.daimler. adornment. original qt service file

3. No need DA-S license 0 day Error fix: That means Benz bus and seasoning in DAS is OK using original DAS LLC. sli

4. Fix the bus and spices be = nz in xen = try

5. Smart Repair 253 in xen = try

6. Added 3 more options in DA = S for ME9.7

7. Xen = try/DAS Executions faster than before

8. Green illusion does not need auxiliary composition, all are green.

9. Update zenri addons and get additional addon update option (so the key is ok, you just need to update)

10. No need to fix ‚ÄúWIS is not available on this system‚ÄĚ error when you click F6 in DA = S

Software support:

1. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Support Wireless Diagnosis.
2. New MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnostics Not only support K line diagnose and CAN BUS, but also UDS diagnose protocol. Because the old MP Star C4 main board don't have ODS chip, so the old MP Star C4 can't support it.
3. Multiplexer now use LAN cable to connect
4. Connector adopt military quick swap technology, it can support 10,000 times plug pull, more stable.
5. All core accessories adopt original new packing chip, 24 hours test, products quality guarantee.

MB SD Connect Compact 4 List of supported vehicles:

MB SD C4 Support for Mer-cedes Benz cars after year 1989

Passenger car support list:
A (176), A (169), A (168), B (246), B (245), CLC(117), C (204) C (203), C (202), and 190 (201), E(212), E(211), E(210), 124(124), S(222), S(221), S(220), S(140), S(126 ),
E(207), CLK(209), CLK(208), CLS(218), CLS(219), CL(216), CL(215), CL(140) SLK(172), SLK(171) , SLK(170), SL(231), SL(230), SL(129), SL(107), SLS(197),
M (166), M (164), M (163), G (463) , G (461), E(212), E(211), E(210), 124(124), S(222), S(221), S(220), S(140), CLK(209) , CLK(208), CLS(218), CLS(219), CL(216),
CL(215), CL(140), SLK(172), SL(231), SL(230), SL(129) , SL(107),SLS(197), M(166),M(164),M(163),G(460),GL(164),GLK(204),R(251 )

MB 100(631), T1, SprinterIII, SprinterII, SprinterI, Sprinter900, Citan, Vito(639), Vito(638), V(638), Viano(639), T2, vario, Vaneo(414)

Truck Support List:
Actros963/4, Actros2,3, AtegoIII, AtegoII, AxorII, Eonic, Zetros, Actros, Atego Light, Atego Heavy, HPN M96, Atron, HPN M2000, SKL, FSK, More

Unimog Series Model Support List:

bus support list:
Travego, Enturo, Antigo, Citaro, Capacity, Seto, Turismo, O350/O403, Connecto, O404, O405-O408,
Minibus, OC500, TOURO, TOURINO, MBC, MULITEGO, O500, O500/OH, OH, OH368, OF, OF384, LO, O400, More super sports
series model car support list: SLR(199)

Introduction to DTS-Monaco
1.DTS-Monaco is the official program used by Daimler-Benz development engineers.
2-DTS Monaco is a vehicle diagnostic console and general engineering test stations for controller functions. Monaco derives from the name used in the Unit Analyzer movement.
3.DTS Monaco covering all areas of engineering, testing and production test preparation for all tasks
4. In Mercedes Benz maintenance tests it is the ultimate authority, perfect hardware support for C4 (SD connect) and (Ecom) (currently Das-xentry. Vediamo less privileges)
" Features"
quick test; Composite ECU for rapid testing, and testing at the same time, you can choose to edit more functions.

change encoding; Add VO-Delete VO functional difference.

identification recognition; One click to read and save the entire vehicle, all module programming.

Full variant coding. Read all vehicle data in one pass, and write back to the vehicle, completely offline.

Diagnostic services and advanced features can see the internal and external data that modules choose, open computer permission (not supported), activate the ECU console, reset the console, and modify the original chassis number.

flash programming; Fully off-line programming,

Diagnostic Trouble Code Diagnostic Module DTC Trouble Code.

ECU exchange; Two of the same ECU, is exchanged by reading the data to import the data.

Basic programming set code function:
1 unit for off-line programming
2, a key for off-set code
3, W166, cancel the programmed number of urea calculation method, one perfect cancel all 166 urea system.
New c s-series to factory install conversion:
4, 222, 205 installation of fragrance systems
5, 2015, paragraph 212, permanently lit traffic light change
6, 212, 204, add electric ear
traffic solution 7, 222 205 HU5 for video DIY VD
8, W164 Closed Recirculation System
9, W205, Retro Atmosphere Light
10, 205, 222 Add Electric Trunk Electric Ear, Trunk Kick Function
11, 166, How to Modify Gate Setting Codes
12, 166 Meters Finishing Fahrenheit to Celsius
13, the American standard maintenance mileage is set to mileage
obstructed diesel particulate filter regeneration system 14, 164
15, 166 canceled urea
16, 205 added electric rearview mirror
17, HU45 lock regional Chinese solution
18, W204 W166 folding rearview mirror
19, change 166 on board, display in Celsius
20, W212 disable environmental configurations
21, activate the ABR2XT hold function
22, Unlock the W22 looked up looks
23, the AMG sports package W212
24 enabled, the air bag computer reset factory condition W166
25, to increase the brightness of the color instrument cluster s W222
26, 722.97g to install the paddles steering wheel shift
27, W221 AMG W216 dashboard style
28, Airbag ECU Unlock W204 212
29, Wheelchair Recognition Sensors W221
30, Unlock Rear Fog Lights As Spare Brake Lights With W222
31, MED177 . engine power increase


Please do not install antivirus or other software on the system. They will destroy our program.

When you receive the HDD,  please contact us to activate the software by teamviewer.