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Magic Tuner Flash Tool v2.1 + UNLOCK KG



With this tool you can flash the blocks through the diagnostic connector so as not to remove the block, not to open, not to connect Ktag or Kess or other programs, but simply flash the block with a binary (*.bin) using any adapter, for example Nexiq .


Good solution for the tuners to work remotely via internet.

This is bugs fixed version, more stable then previous and support new ECM's.




-Detroit MCM (EPA7, EPA10, GHG14, GHG17)

-Detroit ACM (EPA7, EPA10, GHG14, GHG17)

-Maxxforce (EDC17, EDC7, EIM7, S3V8, S4I6, S4I6Special, NECM2, IDM2, S8V8)


-Caterpillar AG


Designed only for experienced users, DO NOT BUY if you do not know how to work with it. We do not have additional instructions or user guide.