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Detroit DD13 EPA07 (2007-09) Fault Code: SPN 100 FMI 1 (MCM) Low Engine Oil Pressure

Posted by fadi mourad on

DESCRIPTION:This fault code sets when the engine oil pressure is less than a calibrated threshold. MONITORED PARAMETER:Engine oil pressure. TYPICAL ENABLING CONDITIONS:Always on MONITOR SEQUENCE:1. Key on2. Engine running EXECUTION FREQUENCY:Continuous when enabling conditions are met. TYPICAL DURATION:Two seconds DASH LAMPS:CEL ENGINE REACTION:1. None.2. Engine derate.3. Engine shut down-calibration dependent. VERIFICATION:Check at engine operating temperature. NOTE: Whenever a low engine oil pressure is confirmed the crankshaft main bearings and rod bearings should be inspected for damage or excessive wear. NOTE: If 100-1 and 100-3 are both active, work on repairing 100-3 first. NOTE: If 100-1 and 100-4 are both active,...

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