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Wabco ToolBox 14.0.2 + ECAS CAN2 v3.00 Diagnostics Software – with Kg



Last update: 2024
Size: 2 Gb 
Region: Worldwide
Type: Diagnostic Software for ABS And Hydraulic
Power Brake (HPB)

Language: English
OS: Win 10, Win 8, Win 7
Instructions: Present
Installation: Select an option
Number of Discs: 1 DVD-DL
Brand: Meritor
Version: v14.0.2 – ECAS CAN2 v3
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Release Notes

14.0 (Dec 2023)

1.) OnLaneALERT (SRR) Diagnostics – New
2.) OnGuardMAX Diagnostics – New
3.) AMP for mBSP – Added additional allowable replacement P/Ns

13.8.4 (Oct 2023)

1.) Revised security setting

13.8 (Feb 2023)

1.) EPHS Diagnostics – New
2.) OnGuard and OnLane – Added additional P/Ns
3.) RSS – Added OptiFlow AutoTail GIO; allow SafeStart + Auto Lift Axle GIO combination

13.7 (July 2022)

1.) OnGuard – Updated html help files and MM
2.) E8 and mBSP – minor display updates
3.) AMP for E8/mBSP/SmartTrac HABS – Added additional allowable replacement P/Ns
4.) iABS – Added full EEPROM dump, allow Axle Load + Brake Pad Wear GIO combo
5.) RSS – Added Double Tag Axle GIO; user can select location when saving fault report
6.) Updated registration component

13.6 (Feb 2022)

1.) mBSP and SmartTrac HABS – Updated html help files
2.) Updated WCCC e-mail address to
3.) AMP for E8/mBSP/OnLane2/SmartTrac HABS – Added additional allowable replacement P/Ns
4.) iABS – Added Service Interval, added override switch to Lift Axle, allow VIN of 1-17 digits
5.) Updated registration component

Meritor Wabco ToolBox 13.5 is the Latest Dealer Diagnostics Software For All WABCO ABS And HPB Modules

Meritor Wabco ToolBox Software provides PC diagnostic capabilities for Meritor WABCO tractor and trailer pneumatic ABS, trailer RSS Plus, hydraulic ABS, Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), electronic leveling valves for tractors, electronic leveling valves for trailers, Electronically Controlled Air Suspensions (ECAS) for buses, and OnGuard TM Collision Safety Systems.