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Practical Wiring Course - Club Level

$75.00 $229.00

Practical Wiring Course - Club Level

This course gives you the knowledge and skills required to design, spec and build a complete, affordable EFI wiring harness for your modified street car, or club level track car from scratch.

You will learn how to design the power supply, grounding, sensor and actuator circuits to ensure the EFI system functions flawlessly, the harness is protected, and you’re not plagued by electrical gremlins down the line. You will learn how to route the harness through your engine bay and interior, ensuring a tidy, strain free fit. You will learn how to create a harness transition point, and when you should transition the harness from a main trunk to the individual sections that connect to each part of the system. You will learn how to lay out and organise all the wires that form the harness, how to bundle and branch them, how to sheath them, and then terminate them to the correct connectors.

EFI wire harness(loom) construction is a complicated task, involving several specialised skills, these are skills that ANYONE can learn. With a small investment in tools and the correct guidance, there is no reason why you can't create a reliable, good looking, functional looms for less than the cost having one made by a professional. 

After demonstrating the key design and construction techniques required, we bring that knowledge together into our HPA 8 Step Harness Construction Process. This process breaks down the complication into 8 manageable steps, that when completed in order, with attention to detail, result in a tidy, robust, reliable wiring harness. You will watch as we demonstrate a complete harness build from scratch, showing every step of the process in detail to ensure you will have the required knowledge to tackle your own project.

This course is applicable to ALL makes and models of engine management systems. Whether you are wanting to build an EFI harness for a torquey V8, or a high revving 4 cylinder, the knowledge presented in this course is completely applicable.

This course is designed equally for the home enthusiast that wants to build their own wiring harness, or a professional tuning shop that wants to bring their harness building in house, getting better control over the process and timelines. We dispel the myth that EFI system wiring is a black art, requiring thousands of dollars in tools and materials. We show you how to achieve a professional and reliable result using general purpose electrical tools and commonly available materials.


  • EFI Wiring Harness Circuit Design
  • Harness Routing
  • Wire Preparation, Splicing and Layout
  • Harness Bundling and Branching
  • Harness Sheathing (Heat-shrinking)
  • Harness Testing and Installation

Course Curriculum

How To Use This Course

Standards of Work
Preparing Your Workspace

Component Inspection and Physical Mounting
Power Supply Design
Grounding Design
Sensor Design
Actuator Design
Network Communication Design
OEM Integration and Auxiliary Connections
Materials Selection
Harness Routing and Branching
Preparing Documentation

Wire Preparation
Twisting Communications Wiring
Splicing Supply / Ground Wiring
Splicing to Shielding Braid
Bundling and Branching
Installing Sheathing
Booting Preparation
Crimping Terminals
Pinning Connector Bodies
Design Confirmation Testing

Step 1: Specifications and Circuit Design
Step 2: Layout and Routing Design
Step 3: Wire Preparation and Splicing
Step 4: Wire Assembly, Bundling and Branching
Step 5: Sheathing
Step 6: Booting Preparation and Labelling
Step 7: Terminating and Connector Installation
Step 8: Testing and Final Installation