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Perkins 1300 EDI v3 - 808TRUCK

Perkins 1300 EDI v3


Perkins EDi is a diagnostic software for electronic engines.

The Perkins Peregrine EDi/1300 Series EDi is a family of turbocharged engines that have an electronic management system. The Peregrine EDi engines are designed for automotive applications and the 1300 Series EDi engines are designed for industrial and agricultural applications. The Peregrine EDi and the 1300 Series EDi engines are from Perkins Engines Company Limited, a world leader in the design and manufacture of highperformance diesel engines.

The Perkins Diagnostic Tool for the Peregrine EDi and 1300 Series EDi offers the following functionality:

View Data Lists.

Create Custom Data Lists.

View and Clear Diagnostic Codes.

View Programmable Parameters.

Reset Customer Programmable Parameters.

Perform Diagnostic Tests.

Record Engine Data Over a Specific Time