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Paccar MX13 WinOLS Map Pack (Peterbilt/Kenworth)





collection of some original Paccar MX13 files. Mostly are Damos .A2L Files to read Paccar MX13 Maps and make modified files. For Peterbilt and KW Trucks.

Check Pictures to make sure your software version is listed.

If you have questions please dont hesitate to contact us.

For editing .bin files to modify ecm for off road use (DPF, EGR, SCR, DEF) and hp increases

For use with WinOLS. Use at your own risk. Follow local and goverment laws when modifying ECM. Programming deletes and modifying ECM is illegal in some countries and may result in heavy fines. Running a truck on public roadways that has had emmissions tampered with might be illegal. Check with your local and/or state governments before making changes.

We can help as much as possible regarding any questions on how to use or whether your ECM and/or file can work with these Maps