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Nexiq eTechnician v2.10 Diagnostic Software 2024



Last update: 2024
Size: 80 Mb
Region: All regions 
Type: Diagnostic tool
Language: English
OS: Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, Win 10
Instructions: Present
Installation: Full
Number of discs: 1 CD
Version: v2.10
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The software is license protected. The activation is required. The license works for a single PC/Laptop and cannot be transferred or restored in case of laptop malfunction

1 PC (no KG): Product activation for a single PC.
1 PC (KG Locked): Keygen with ONE PC LOCKED but to use it can make license for many PCs



* Read Active Fault Codes
* Read and Clear Inactive Fault Codes Graph Parameters
* Log Fault Codes and Parameters
* Create Log Notes and Save to Vehicle History
* Scans All Electronic Modules On the Vehicle (HDS) Create Custom Parameter Lists (HDS)
* View Engine, Brakes, and Transmission Data (LMT) Includes Generic OBD II (LMT)

Note:¬†eTechnician HDS does not clear fault codes on Caterpillar¬ģ electronic engines.


Vehicle Coverage: HDS

HDS provides support for a wide array of heavy-duty vehicles:

Detroit Diesel
Caterpillar (on highway)
Meritor WABCO

Vehicle Coverage: LMT

LMT provides support for a wide array of light and medium-duty trucks:

Ford Engines:

6.7L Power stroke (2011-2015)
6.0L Power stroke (2003-2010)
6.4L Power stroke (2008-2010)
7.3L Power stroke (2000-2003)
5.0L (2011-2015)
3.7L (2011-2014)*
3.5L (2011-2015)*
6.2L (2010-2015)
6.8L (2000-2015)
5.4L (2000-2015)
4.6L (2000-2014)*
4.2L (2000-2012)*

* Tests not available for these Ford engines.

Ford brakes and transmissions:

E250 ‚Äď E450
F250 ‚Äď F750

GM Engines:

7.8L Duramax (2004-2009)
6.6L Duramax (2001-2016)
5.2L Duramax (2004-2009)
6.0L (1999-07 and 2011-2016)
4.8L (2011-2016)
4.3L (2000 and 2014-2016)
5.3L (2014-2016)
8.1L (2000-2009)
7.4L (1999-2000)

GM Brakes and Transmissions:

C1500 ‚Äď C7500
K1500 ‚Äď K3500
T4500 ‚Äď T7500
P Chassis
W4 Chassis

ISUZU Engines

5.2L Duramax (2003-2012)
3.0L Duramax (2011-2012)
6.0L GM Gas (2011-2012)
6.0L GM Gas (2003-2008)

ISUZU Brakes and Transmissions:


DODGE/RAM Engines:

6.7L Cummins¬ģ (2007-2016)
5.9L Cummins (2006-2007)
5.7L HEMI (2006-2015)
6.4L HEMI (2009-2015)
3.6L V-6 VVT (2006-2015)

DODGE/RAM Brakes and Transmissions:

2006 ‚Äď 2015