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MITCHELL UltraMate 7.1.239 Update 12.2020 FULL



Update: 2020/12
Version: 7.1.239
Interface language: English

Add. Information: To enter the program use
Username: MITCHELL
Password: MITCHELL


A program for calculating the replacement cost of AMTS after an accident.
Mitchell Estimating, formerly known as UltraMate, is an advanced estimation system with proven technology that allows you to create estimates,
that are accurate, verifiable, and readily usable throughout the auto industry.
Combines a detailed database and ease of use, as well as automated calculations and repair procedures.
Helps appraisers make cost-effective repair decisions.

Provides a faster way to select the correct part.
Allows evaluators to determine the correct type of part, instead of letting the application make a guess.
Notifies the appraiser if the appraisal exceeds a predetermined percentage of the vehicle's value.
Mitchell Estimating comes with proven technology to help your estimators produce estimates for passenger vehicles, as well as light, medium and heavy trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats.
All American market vehicles from model year 1983 to model year 2021 are considered.