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John Deere CAN and Connectivity Health Wizard 2024



Update: 2024
Region: All region
Language: English, Spanish, Etc
OS: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, Win 11
Instructions: Present
Installation: 1 Pc
Amount of disks: 1 .rar file
Version: v1.19.0.1
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The CAN and Connectivity Health Wizard (the Wizard) is a computer-based tool with three different
“health checks”:

System Health – a test of the computer software files and drivers required to run Service ADVISOR™.

Connectivity Health – a test of the ability of the computer to communicate with the EDL and the EDL
to communicate with the machine’s CAN bus for a Service ADVISOR diagnostic or reprogramming
session. Once connectivity has been confirmed, the test permits verification of the machine being in a
state where ECU reprogramming is possible. If ECU reprogramming fails, the test can be used to
analyze the reprogramming failure.

CAN Health – a live display of information regarding the machine’s CAN bus to assist in the diagnosis
of machine CAN bus issues.

The Wizard is a stand-alone application which is launched from a desktop icon. The Wizard is designed to
have the familiar appearance of Service ADVISOR. Like Service ADVISOR, the Wizard can be started in an
online or offline mode depending on internet availability

You can close the dashboard and manually navigate through the Wizard. The dashboard can be restored
at any time by clicking on the home icon ⌂ in the upper right corner.

Each of the three health checks will be described in detail.