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International Trucks Course (Spanish)


Course Information:

Duration:  8 hours on video, complementary text material below each video. No schedules.

Level: Initial / Introductory Learning.

Study Material: Various files for download.

Language: Spanish.

Updated: June 2022.


Specific Requirements: Have Tools, Equipment, Software and / or Technical Information such as: Manuals and Diagrams. This material is not included in the course and must be acquired by the participant. Auto Avance DOES NOT sell, market or supply any type of equipment, tool, software, manuals or diagrams specific to brands.


Course focused on International Truck Diagnosis through the use of MD32 DLC and ServiceMaxx tools. Learn how to Diagnose International Trucks as a Professional and increase your Service portfolio. We also explain the use of the Diamond Logic Builder program for the Navistar cabin.


Use of International Diagnostic Tool and Navistar

Master the tool to access all parameters on DT 466E engines with the International trucking course, using the MD32 DLC software in its workshop version.

Access the live engine parameters and the different schedules of these trucks.

Use of Software to work on electronic trucks Navistar International

Learn how to connect and open the program with a detailed explanation of all the variants. Learn how to access fault codes and troubleshooting procedures on these engines.

During the International Truck with Electronic Systems course we also explained how to remove pending and continuous failure codes.

Topics that we will study in this Course:

  • Engine Parameters:¬†learns to perform parameter change, export a motor parameter spreadsheet to an external file.
  • Live Actuators Test:¬†Explanation of the procedure to carry out the tests of the actuators through the use of the Diagnostic Software. Testing on engine off and engine on.

Use of the Maxx Service Program during the Course

Connection to the DT 466E engine module. Engine identification, bank engine simulation for practices and tests. Self-review using the software and review of the modules that connect to the bank.

Learn how to perform all the available tests on the ECM and everything related to the reprogramming of the parameters in these modules.

Training in the use of the Diamond Logic Builder program

Detailed explanation of the functions to access the cabin modules of Navistar international trucks.

Using this connection you can read the cabin failure codes, simulate the functions to check the ECM outputs and check for internal failures.

You will also learn to change parameters in the cabin, as this is a widely used function in the truck repair market.


Course Content

Introduction Use of Interface / Scanner
RP1210 connection

Operating Systems and Software

Communication protocols

Introduction Diagnostic International

First Steps Master Diagnostic MD32

Breakdown / Failure Codes

Sessions Software Master Diagnostic

Change Parameters in Master Diagnostic

Available tests Master Diagnostic

Data monitoring with Master Diagnostic

ServiceMaxx Program Connection

ServiceMaxx program parameters

Time Mode Off Software DLC Program

Data monitoring ServiceMaxx Program

ServiceMaxx Diagnostic Test

Diamond Logic Builder DLB Navistar

Diagnosis Cabin and Navistar Chassis

Cabin Module Programming

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