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HPAcademy Boost Control Course

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Achieving accurate and stable control of boost pressure is essential to the reliability and performance of any turbocharged engine. Achieving this sort of control though can be more difficult than it appears due in part to the complex nature of the turbo system and the constantly changing conditions it operates under.

Tuning closed loop boost control also requires a thorough understanding of how a PID control system operates and this can be challenging for even some experienced tuners. This course simplifies boost control tuning, giving you a plain english explanation of PID control so you understand how the system works and you will also learn a step-by-step process for tuning and optimising closed PID control.

In particular you will learn:

  • How the wastegate controls boost pressure
  • Differences between internal and external wastegates
  • How a 2 port and 3 port boost solenoid works and which you should be using
  • How to plumb a wastegate for the best results
  • Common boost control problems that can effect your results
  • How a PID control system works and the correct approach to tuning it
  • How to configure and tune an open loop boost control system
  • How to configure and tune a closed loop boost control system

Our tutor Andre has specialised in tuning turbocharged cars over his career, tuning everything from high end drag engines running upwards of 55 psi boost, through to engines for boost-limited race classes where absolute boost accuracy was essential.

After completing this course you will understand how to correctly configure and tune open loop and closed loop boost control systems to achieve perfect boost control. More importantly though you will understand the fundamentals behind the boost control system and how the ECU can influence boost pressure.

This course assumes an understanding of EFI engine tuning principles, so if you are new to tuning we recommend you start with our EFI Tuning Fundamentals and our Practical Tuning courses before starting this course.


  • How a wastegate works
  • Common boost control problems
  • How to tune open loop boost control
  • How to tune closed loop boost control
  • What PID control is and how to tune it
  • How to connect a boost control solenoid


Course Curriculum


How to Use This Course
The Ten Step Process


PID Control
PID - A Practical Analogy
How To Tune A PID Control System


Boost Control
Wastegate Operation
Wastegate Spring Selection
Internal vs External Wastegate Actuators
Boost Control Solenoids
Boost Control Solenoid Operation
Boost Control Plumbing
Open Loop vs Closed loop
Boost Control Problems


Open Loop Boost Control Tuning
Closed Loop Boost Control Tuning


Software Walk Through
Input Configuration
Open Loop Boost Control Tuning
Closed Loop Boost Control Tuning
Configuring a Multi Position Rotary Switch
How to Use a Multi Position Rotary Switch