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Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning Course

$45.00 $129.00
Ethanol fuels are a popular option for anyone interested in maximising engine performance. When correctly tuned, ethanol blended fuels such as E85 can offer similar or better performance to many of the specially blended commercial racing fuels at a fraction of the price. Ethanol fuels however require some significant changes to the tuning in order to take advantage of them and ensure engine reliability.
This course gives you an in depth understanding of what ethanol is, how it affects the engine’s operation, and how it can improve engine performance.  You’ll also learn how to correctly adjust your tune to take advantage of an ethanol fuel blend regardless whether you’re tuning an aftermarket standalone ECU or reflashing a factory ECU. You’ll also learn how to configure a tune a full flex fuel system that can automatically adjust for varying ethanol contents.
In particular you will learn:
  • What ethanol and ethanol blended fuels are
  • How the properties of ethanol can improve engine performance
  • Why we need to inject more fuel when running on ethanol fuel blends
  • How the engine’s ignition timing requirements are affected by ethanol content
  • How an ethanol content sensor works and how to add one to your fuel system
  • How flex fuel systems work
  • The correct approach to tuning a flex fuel system
  • The correct approach to tuning to suit a dedicated ethanol fuel blend
  • What precautions you need to consider when running ethanol fuels
Important: This course does not teach you how to tune, but rather shows you how to approach the tuning process when dealing with ethanol fuel blends. If you’re new to tuning then we’d recommend you start with our EFI Tuning Fundamentals course, our Understanding AFR course and our Practical Tuning courses first.
  • Fuel system requirements for ethanol
  • How to install a flex fuel sensor
  • Why we need to inject more fuel on ethanol blends
  • Precautions for ethanol fuels
  • How to configure and tune a flex fuel system
  • How to tune for a dedicated ethanol fuel blend