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ECU chip tuning files and dumps, over 87000+ files (12.3gb), Mpps, Galletto, Kwp

$35.00 $95.00


Largest ECU FILE database on the internet. 

NOW UPDATED TO over 87,000+ files, NO Duplicate files!

Over 12+GB of ECU and EPROM files, compressed (1.2gb) can be recorded on 1 DVD.

Mpps, Galletto, Kwp2000 etc

Covers most makes using OBD I and OBD II.

This Remap Database & vehicle software pack is the most comprehensive most comprehensive collection of anything related to the OBDII interface, Car Tuning (over 100,000 Tuning Files!), Diagnostic Software, Immobilizer software, Radio Decoding Software, OEM Interrogation Software, Mileage Adjustment software, OBD Scanner software, ECU Flashing and MUCH more!

If you have any OBD2 compliant vehicle (almost all cars since 1992 till 2008) you’ll find tons of useful stuff on this unbeatable collection!