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Commins lNCAL CE Tool v2.40.312 - Last Update 2024


Commins lNCAL CE Tool v2.40.312 - Last Update 2024



The program interface is divided into several tabs, some functions are placed in separate windows, which are called by the corresponding buttons in the main program window.
Detailed guide on how to use included.

License for 1 PC.

Main functions of lNKAL CE v2.40.312:
1) Data change/Convert:
- Converting INKAL between different INCITE formats (from any to 8.9 format supported (CMP to DB));
- Changing the expiration date of INKAL;
- Password removal from INKAL files.

2) Other functions:
- Unpacking from INKAL to cal;
- Packaging from cal to INKAL;
- Injection of cal file into INKAL set;
- Correcting checksum of cal files;
- Adding a fake digital signature to cal and INKAL files.

3) There is also a Settings where you can change some parameters