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Caterpillar ECM Reprogramming Course (Spanish)


Course Information:

Duration: 10 Hours Live Broadcast, 2 Hours in Video complementary material.

Level: Advanced / Advanced Learning.

Study Material: 5 Attached Files.

Language: Spanish.

Updated: June 2022.


Specific Requirements: Have Tools, Equipment, Software and / or Technical Information such as: Manuals and Diagrams. This material is not included in the course and must be acquired by the participant. Auto Avance DOES NOT sell, market or supply any type of equipment, tool, software, manuals or diagrams specific to brands.


ECM Tuning is a practice that has become very relevant. This, due to the need to enhance operating parameters and customize the internal software of the ECM electronic control module. Learning to use Caterpillar ECM Reprogramming and increase your diesel services is possible today.


In this course with 100% virtual methodology, and with real live practices, you will learn everything related to safely access the internal calibration of the Caterpillar ECM, and tuning parameters.

For this we will use the software recommended by the brand, as well as the connection equipment between ECM and Laptop PC.

Remember that if you improperly run a reprogram, you can affect the operation of the machine.

You can also cause permanent damage to the ECM if you don't know the correct procedure.



What do you need to start Caterpillar ECM Reprogramming Software?

Most importantly, you have a need to calibrate CAT electronic engine parameters.

The Cat ECM applications available in this course are for: Construction, vehicle ( Transport ), maritime and industrial ( according to availability ).

Also, to reprogram Caterpillar ECM you need: Programming software ( explained once you access the course ), OEM or Aftermarket communication interface.

Finally, it is important to have Laptop and a work area to communicate the ECM and run tests outside the ( engine explained step by step during training ).

Procedures you will learn in this Cat ECM Tuning course:

Get trained in the procedures to perform reprogramming of CAT ECM modules, from the Original ET Brand Software – CAT Electronic Technician, through the course Caterpillar ECM Reprogramming.

1. Learn How to view, restore and remove customer passwords?.

2. Change calibrations between ECM of CAT C12, C15 and 3126 engines.

3. Change from construction machinery to vehicular or vice versa, when the ECM allows it. PN: 3482379 – 3267B092IH 3126 BMA at 3126 9SZ.

4. Perform C15 BXS VAT removal. VAT Intake Valve Actuator.

5. Perform ARD, CGI C13 LEE removal.

6. Caterpillar file structure. C: \ Users \ Public \ Caterpillar \ Electronic Technician \ ECM Replacement.

7. Search for a Flash PDF / ET / SIS file.

8. ECMS applicability search or ECM serial. 348-2379: Electronic control group | Cat® ⁇ Parts Store

9. Calibration Classification Number.

10. Speed probe failure code management after reprogramming.

eleven. ECM Replacement Management and product reports.

Importance of executing a correct reprogramming

Although there are multiple options to access the internal firmware of the ECM and modify some parameters. You must be very careful when performing a bad procedure.

Proper CAT ECM programming involves progressively and safely adjusting complementary parameters to ensure the engine runs properly after ECM tuning.

Offering this service in a professional manner guarantees that you do not have service guarantees and also substantially increase income for your business.

We are waiting for you in this course and take into account the following recommendations regarding the details of the class schedule.


Course Requirements

1. Portable or computer equipment with office programs such as Word, Excel and PDF installed.

2. Electronic Technician ET 2015 or Superior Program.

3. Optional to have Flash Files, in the course those that we are going to use will be shared.

4. Factory password generator, in the course we will share a virtual machine version for those who do not have.

5. Optional to have a diagnostic interface, Caterpillar control module and a connection harness outside the vehicle, We will explain how the connector is made and if you do not have the Control Module you will have to wait for a vehicle or machine to do the practices.

6. Optional to have SIS version of Caterpillar.