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1- Bendix ACom Diagnostic Software v6.16.5.2
2- TRW 355 Diagnostics
3- Haldex PLC ABS Diagnostics 2.0
4- Meritor Wabco Toolbox v13 + keygen
5- Wabash Trailer ABS Diagnostics 1.1

Heavy Duty ABS Tractor/Trailer Diagnostic Kit contains everything a technician requires to diagnose a heavy duty vehicle and trailer ABS systems.

Bendix ACOM diagnostics will provide the technician with the capability to view and repair ABS component diagnostic trouble codes, monitor wheel speeds, display and edit confi guration of ABS ECU, self-confi gure ABS ECU, and test ABS components. Additionally, ACom diagnostics will support Adaptive Cruise with Braking (ACB). This application will support the Bendix EC-60, Bendix EC-17, Bendix EC-30, Gen 4, Gen 5 (U12 and U16), ABS 2X, Bendix TABS-6, Bendix TABS-6 ADV, Bendix TABS-6 ADV MC, Bendix EC-30T, A-18 ABS ECUs and ACB.

Haldex Power Line Carrier (PLC) Trailer Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) PC Diagnostics software application provides diagnostic support for the trailer ABS in-cab warning light communications that are used with PLC4TRUCKS/Multiplexing technology. The application supports Recommended Practice (RP) 1210A Application Program Interface (API) for the Haldex PLC Adapter.
The Haldex PLC Trailer ABS Diagnostics software includes the following capabilities:
Supports Recommended Practice (RP) 1210A Application Program Interface (API).
Provides diagnostic test results with file print and/or save capability.
Provides active and stored fault code(s) with repair instructions.
Reads and writes to the internal memory of ABS ECU.
Provides various odometer functions.
Mimics the trailer ABS warning light.

Meritor WABCO Toolbox is a personal computer diagnostics program. The Toolbox Software provides PC diagnostic capabilities for Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems. The program provides three basic functions:
Displays both constant (e.g., ECU number) and changing (e.g., RPMs) information from the system under test.
Displays both the active and stored system faults, as well as the appropriate repair instructions.
Activates system components to verify system integrity, proper component operation and installation wiring.

The Wabash Trailer ABS Diagnostics is a diagnostic system designed for use with these Wabash ABS systems. The tool offers the following features:
Wabash ABS Diagnostics:
List information about the Wabash ECU such as configuration, model and software identification.
Support ABS testing commands, such as lamp circuit tests and voltage, and wheel bearing temperature.
Display current and stored trailer/ABS faults as well as clear stored faults.
Utilize and update the ABS "scratchpad" memory. This includes such things as trailer unit number, trailer VIN, manufacture date, and accessory control function as well as allowing a technician to record work performed.
Allow downloading of new ABS software.
Support the ABSs energizing of the multi-purpose outputs as well as support for monitoring the ABS multi-purpose inputs.
Support initial factory programming and configuration of the ABS unit.
Has an easy to read help system that can be easily modified by Wabash so that they can put links to repair manuals and literature as well as add fault code to repair manual mapping.

Total Trailer Diagnostics:
Display a list of all J1587 compliant devices transmitting PLC messages on the trailer.
Display messages being transmitted on the trailer over the PLC network.
Is RP1210A-compliant and supports the Noregon PLC Adapter and the "PLC" protocol.
Support recording of data for external analysis.