SOPS Editor Tool Encryotor/Decryptor VCI3 SDP3 Programming Tool 2020

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Download with SDP3 from truck SOPS export file;
Decrypt SOPS export file to XML format;
Edit XML file with any XML editor;
Modify more than 300 parameters: like AdBlue, EGR, NOx Control, see whole list;
Encrypt XML file to SOPS import file;
Upload SOPS import file to truck with SDP3;
Support Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7/8/10;

Please kindly note :
1.The item only include the software, without any device.
2.The software works with SDP3 VCI 3 Truck Diagnostic Tool only.

How to use:
Click "Decrypt" to load the SOPS file. A decryption file named .sops.decrypted will appear in the same folder. This file can be opened with PSPAD software (has come with the software), edit the decrypted file and save it. Then click "Encrypt" to load the file you just saved. After a while, a new SOPS encrypted file is regenerated.