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Hyster CCS (Common Control System) Field Service Tool v1.77



Installation Instructions

-Unzip to any desired folder
-Run "setup.exe" directly from folder
-Follow on screen instructions
-Refer to "Reach Truck Field Service Tool Manual" for instructions on software usage. Contact NACCO Service Engineering for further assistance.

Files Included:

-CCS Software Updater.msi - Microsoft installation reference
-Setup.exe - Installation file
-CCS Field Service Tool Manual - Software Tool Instructions

 1.77 - Support for 2021 B56.1 Changes in several current production models 

1.76 - Supports Class III Front Bumper/Foot detection system 

1.75 - Fixes for NCEA VSM software loading, support for EER bumper foot sensing option. 

1.73 - Update to support new reach VSM software for VAM telematics, CCS reach OAS Software, 3ws and CCS reach calibration fixes. 

1.71 - Update to support latest OAS on Reach, OS, & 3WS Software 

1.69 - Update to support New Reach V2.20 SW, Order Selector & 3WS OAS SW 

1.68 - Update to resolve NCEA programming issues, and improve Anti-Virus false warnings 

1.67 - Update to resolve ER backward compatibility issues and updates for early production Reach. 

1.66 - Update for Production Reach Software 

1.63 - Added New End Rider EPAS & NCEA Reach support 

1.61 - Added Li-Ion support along with OSS expansion to Enclosed End Rider. 

1.60 - Added Li-Ion support to AC Reach & 3W-STD, BDI range expansion on Enclosed End Rider. 

1.59 - Expanded support for Temp Sensor Configurations, and Assisted Steer End Rider. 

1.58 - Release of new End Rider (B60-80ZHD2) Software, to support display issue resolution. Added 3-Wheel Stand (E30-40HSD3) OSS & Temp sensor configurability. -

1.57 - Release of Software Update for Aerial Work Platform. Notes: -Do not update End Rider Software until Display is FIRST UPDATED. -USE ONLY CCS FST

1.49 or HIGHER on C219 Series 3 wheel stand trucks (E30-40HSD3) with OSS (Operator Sensing System).

-USE ONLY CCS FST R18- VERSION 1.35 or HIGHER on W45ZHD - A419 Series Trucks!!! Do not use on W45ZHD (A419) trucks with controllers that have a manufacturing date code before 14072C. Contact RSE for instructions pertaining to controllers produced earlier than 14072C.