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ToughBook CF-19
The ToughBook CF-19 is a very special notebook indeed – it lets you work almost anywhere, in almost any conditions. Whether you drop it, pour water on it, or throw sand on it, the CF-19 will just keep going and act as if nothing has happened.
The performance score given to the CF-19 relates more to its amazing battery life and almost indestructible resilience than it does to the speed of application execution – after all that’s what performance means with a product like this. Ultimately, if you ever wondered how Panasonic came up with the ToughBook name, just take a look at the CF-19.

It comes with WIN7 system

Hardware configuration:
CPU: core (dual) U2400 Caster 1.06 GHZ 2 MB cache 2
Motherboard: 965 chipset, integration of 384 MB of video memory: 4 gb DDR2
Hard Disk: 80 gb
Serial plate screen: 10.4 -inch, 1024 x 768 resolution Gao Qingbing hand touch screen that can rotate with handwritten pen
Drive: no