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GM Development Programming System (DPS v4.51) + Patch PC Unlocked



DPS Release Version 4.51.00

(1)     New IECS access module.

(2)     Key provisioning bulk unlock.

(3)     New DIDs in GCI.

(4)     Removed capture dialog.

(5)     DoIP stability improvements.

(6)     General application improvements.

GM DPS v4.51. The latest version as of June 2022, with the much needed improvements and new features.

After purchasing I will need to activate DPS v4.51 via the TeamViewer application remotely.

The DPS v4.51 activation certificate will expires in 2024.

This version does not have access to network security validation facility for Global B.


Notes from previous versions:

(1)  Enhanced support for Global A Enhanced and Global B Security
(2)  Added support for UDS, GM's version and others
(3)  Added preliminary support for Global B Security - Secure Unlock 
(4)  Added support for new GM API Format Type 3 format files
(5)  Added support for the writing of a Security Bypass Authorization Tickets(SBAT) as a feature selectable
     function from the main DPS Programming Window. 
(6)  Added support for in the "Override Security Key" function for the enhanced 5-byte security (Seed/Key).
(7)  SPECIAL NOTE: The "Subtype" list box was added in the previous release to the "Protocol and 
     Communications Settings" section of the "Programming" window.  If a user can't find a particular
     entry in the "Diagnostic Pin" list box, it may be available with a different "Subtype" selection.  
     For example:  With "Subtype" set to "Standard" and "Protocol" set to "GMLAN", there are no entries
     in the "Diagnostic Pin" list box for "Pins 12 & 13".  However, if "Subtype" is set to "Extended", or 
     "Global A" there there is a "Pins 12 & 13" entry available in the "Diagnostic Pin" list box.     
(8)  Added support for Global A Cyber security and Format "3" PCID files.
(9)  Added support for various UDS implementations from GM joint venture partners.
(10)  Modified DPS Programming Window selection of Protocols/Network SubType/Diagnostic Pin. The
     "Run Time Option" display has been changed to display only the options applicable to the selected protocol.  
(11)  Added support for GM Dyno Test Cells  
(12)  Modifications to display timestamp in message log. 
(13)  Increased to 252 the number of RPOs supported in ECU Configuration.
(14)  Improved DID Descriptions in DPS Get Controller Info (GCI).
(15)  Added support for the Opel Combo UDS.
(16)  Added Engine Serial Number Display (ESN) to GMLAN Get Controller Info (GCI).
(17)  Expanded pathname lengths for Archives in the Service Programming Archive Tool (SPAT) portion of DPS.
(18)  Replaced "SET MEC to Zero" Special Request Function with a series of pre-built utility files.  Each of  
      these utility files is prefixed with "Set_MEC_to_zero_" and is built for a specific ECU.
(19)  Improved Software Lock processing to make it less Vulnerable to security failures due to minor changes in the 
      host PC configuration.
(20)  Added the capability to save formatted output of "Get Controller Info" (GCI) dialog, to a text file.
(21)  Software Lock status dialog boxes added to provide users notification of pending expiration.
(22) Software Lock only is supported.  All hardware lock support has been discontinued.
(23) All ECU programming requires a valid Software Lock.
(24) Support added for 83K baud, SW-CAN via the Supersession Table (SST) function.
(25) Get Controller Info (GCI) function enhanced to display Manufacturing Traceability Characters (MTC).
(26) Programming sub-menu updated to remove data fields no longer needed for proprietary devices.  DPS uses SAE J2534 
      Devices only.   
(27) Added a status dialog that is displayed when an Op Code $FC (Delay for Minutes) to update the user as to 
      the progress of the delay.
(28) GMLAN Get Controller Info dialog updated to include DID $C0 (BootSoftwarePartNumber).  Also corrections to enable
      display of the "Programming Status" (status acquired via Mode $A2).
(29) DPS is now supported with Windows Vista.
(30) Keyword on CAN is supported for OPEL/Renault projects.
(31) OPEL/Renault XML parser is now supported.
(32) Sequential Programming using DPS Archives (.zip files created in DPS SPAT) supported.
(33) Batch Supersession Programming using DPS/BART Supersession files supported.
(34) XML ECU Config now uses ConfigurationCompatibilityIDs and special logic for rejected 
      WriteDataByIdentifier requests.
(35) DPS Installs files needed for Type4 Applications, but not the Type4 Applications
(36) VIN and Part Number Logging option added for Non-SST Programming Events.
(37) Modifications made to provide more detailed XML ECU Config Event logging.
(38) Part Number Display window in DPS Get Controller Information dialog enhanced
      to display Part Numbers greater than 8 bytes in length. Part Numbers greater
      than 13 bytes will be partially displayed, with an asterisk "*" placed in the
      last display position to inform the user that space did not allow complete
      number display.  Part Numbers of 13 bytes or less are fully displayed.
(39) Modifications to the DPS Installer to enable the application to run with 
      privileges other than that of Administrator.  The Installer 
      itself still requires Administrator privileges to run.  However, to 
      operate the application, User privileges are sufficient.
(40) Modifications made to support all Aftersales RPO codes in ECU Config processing.
(41) Updated DPS Installation which includes a new installer application, updated 
      SuperPro lock drivers and enhancements to enable greater Windows Security flexibility.
(42) "Uninstall DPS" selection is no longer available from the desktop 
       (Start\Programs\General Motors).  Instead, the "Add or Remove Programs" feature in the
       Windows Control Panel is used (Start\Settings\Control Panel\Add or Remove Programs).
(43) Auto Repeat mode is once again available for GMLAN only.
(44) "Run Time Options" settings and Options menu (Program\Development Programming Tool\
      Options) settings are no longer saved via the "Save Startup Defaults" button.
      These settings will not be automatically restored on subsequent DPS sessions.
(45) When using the "Populate VIT2 Data" menu feature, the VIN is now synchronized
      between the VIT2 Population Dialog and the main Programming screen status line.
      As a result, the VIN if contained on the Prorgramming screen status line will
      automatically transferred to the VIT2 Population Dialog and vice versa.  
(46) Added support for Launching and Executing Type4 Applications within DPS.  This
      version is not for enabled in the general release.
(47) Enhanced ECU Config event processing to provide more descriptive error messages.  
       If a syntax error exists in the ECU XML document, error messages are now displayed
       to help the user identify the exact cause of the error.  All ECU Config files must
       be contained in the default folder (typically C:\DPS\Config). This includes the ECU
       XML document files,Build Record Files and XML schema files (.xsd).  If the files are 
       not stored as required,the ECU Config Event will fail.  The DPS Installer downloads
       the current XML Schema files to the default folder.   
(48) Added Op Code $56 InterpreterIdentifier to enable Utility File writers to create 
      a different execution flow depending on whether the Utility File is being used in 
      the Service environment, the Assembly Plant environment or in a Flexible Compute 
      Platform (FCP). At this time DPS supports only the the Service environment. 
(49) CVN data displayed on the GetControllerInfo (GCI) dialog is now displayed in hex  
      rather than decimal.
(50) Seed and key display feature of GetControllerInfo (GCI) has been expanded to include
      Algorithms from GMLAN Security Table 1 (in addition to GMLAN Security Table 0).  
(51) Enhanced Interpreter Op Code $54 ChangeData to include Operation $08.  This operation
      enables copying from one internal storage buffer to another.