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Foton EPC 2023 Online Parts Catalog



Foton EPC Access Via RDP

6 months
12 months



  • Chinese language but it is translated into English by google
  • VIN search available
  • AUMAN model not available
  • If you have a VIN number, send us and we’ll verify it.


Online Dealer Electronic Parts Catalogue (Official Portal) of all Global Markets


– Avoid installation problems because you don’t have to install the software on your PC
– You can access the remote office from your PC, Laptop, Apple iPad, iPhone, any Android OS Device
– Don’t need to update the software because we always use the most updated versions
– No problems with software or hardware compatibility, don’t need a lot of free space on your HDD
– Don’t wait for CDs or DVDs to be delivered and you don’t need high-speed internet connection
– You can access from multiple PCs or laptops. You can get to remote office from any place using your Login and password

Intenet connection (3G, ADSL, Cable, and higher),
Any suitable device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone with IOS / Android)

How it works:

You create the Microsoft Remote Desktop connection(RDP protocol works with Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux OS), enter your login and password, you will be connected to the remote desktop, that looks the same as on your PC or laptop.
On the remote desktop, you can see the shortcuts to the following parts catalogs. For more information, please check screenshots below.