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Diesel ECU tuning course (WinOLS) 15H

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WinOLS tuning course History:

How to become a chip tuner and start your own ECU Tuning business?

Many years ago, while we were students ourselves, we decided to study vehicle software calibration and their effects on the engine performance. To accomplish this, we needed to access the ECU data to make the changes we needed. We had to learn ECU remapping. For this purpose, we searched for ECU tuning, ECU remapping training course and tools and etc.

After long hours of searching for information that was highly scattered around the internet, we found out that some of them were inapplicable and couldn't find the articles, tutorials, or proficient books that we required in this field.

Then, we decided to participate in online and in-person tutorial workshops of some companies. Later, it seemed that most of the information was thought selectively and inefficiently, as an example, they would only teach their own software products or instruct how to study a few models of ECUs.

Eventually, we spent around a year studying how to read and write on an ECU or otherwise known as ECU programming. It's been 9 years since that time that we've gathered a highly valuable information about this field, and after many years of experience and projects in ChipTuning, ECU source code studying, doing trials and errors with tools and software, and experience with the dynamometer and remapping a wide range of car ECUs, we came into an idea…

We decided to prepare a useful ECU and TCU Tuning tutorial course for people who are interested in and the ones who are ready to start their own business. 
A simple, yet a valuable and centralized course. It is worth saying that most of the tutorial courses on internet would not cover all the topics from basic parts, meaning they would not be a A to Z course, which would not be useful for you.
In other words, what we learn in theory is different from reality. No other course would explain the ECU remapping step by step and with practical evidence. Instead of teaching you how to catch fish, they give you the fish instead!

Some of the online tutorial sessions are ONLY 4 hours long! But who can become a chip tuner in such a short period?

In this course, we will principally educate you with step-by-step and simple guides on ChipTuning and remapping.



💬What You Will Learn in WinOLS Tuning Course:

1- Introduction to injection system, sensors, and actuators

2- You'll learn what ECU remapping or programming is and why we need to do that.

3- Introducing types of ECUs for Petrol, Diesel and also the automatic transmission.

4- We will introduce and explain all the tools needed for chip tuning a car's ECU; ECU Reflash, Chiptuning and Programming training. 




A- ECU programming tools

B- ECU remapping or tuning software

C- Personal Computer

D- Soldering kit that includes items such as iron gun, heat air blower, Solder tin and etc. And how to work with this tool. 

C- Dynamometer

F- Wideband gauge

5- We will introduce the required programming tools, we also have technical reviews and the comparison between the programmers, so you can choose the best one that is suitable for you. Programming tools like (kess v2, ktag, My genius, Auto tuner and etc.).



6- We will introduce the required software, we also have technical reviews and the comparison between the software, so you can choose the best one that is suitable for you. Software like (WinOLS, ECM Titanium, Race Evo and etc.). 



7- You will learn how to safely read and write file on an ECU with different methods such as "JTag" and "OBD" with proper tools and programmers.

8- After you learn how to program an ECU and read the file, we will introduce you to an ECU dump, types of tables, how they work, and their changes in ECM Titanium and WinOLS software. For instance, what is the concept of torque-based ECU and how it works or what  the spark advance is, how it works, and how we should change it. In the same way, the instruction will be done for all the tables like fuel, torque, engine load, turbo, air inlet, etc.

9- In order to become an expert, we will do the full remap procedure within practical projects on vehicles such as Porsche, Volkswagen, BMW, etc. It means that we will move forward with the preparation steps, vehicle survey, reading ECU file, remap in various software, writing a file on ECU, and some tests together.



10- After remapping, you will write the file on an ECU and will learn how to test the tuned vehicle on dyno and see the results.

🏁In the next step, you will become an experienced person with ECUs and can decide whether to change the ECU file and test it using the dynamometer to achieve the best results.
You can also extend your information by attending our advanced online courses with having online backup support. 


Episodes :


1 - What You Will Learn In This Course?

2 - How a Diesel Engine Works Its Parts & Functions

3 - Diesel fuel injection system

4 - Common Rail Direct Injection

5 - Sensors /Actuators/ Control unit

6 - DPF/EGR/SCR system

7 - What is ECU remapping & ECU cloning

8 - ECU tuning tools & tuning software

9 - the types of programmers

10 - How to Read and Write ECU & Reflash

11 - ECU Programming on the Bench

12 - Types of tuning software

13 - WinOLS software

14 - Torque Calculation-Torque Monitoring

15 - torque category ( torque request, cranking, limiter)

16 - Fuel Control Strategies

17 - Start / Phase of Injection

18 - Fuel quantity

19 - injection duration/time

20 - smoke limitation

21 - injection/rail pressure

22 - turbo system

23 - How to modify tables

24 - How to find table of DELPHI CRD? (part-1)

25 - How to modify table of DELPHI CRD?(part-2)

26 - How to find table of DENSO ECU?(part1)

27 - How to find table of DENSO ECU?(part2)

28 - How to modify table of DENSO ECU?(part3)

29 - How to find table of Siemens SID803A ECU?(part1)

30 - How to modify table of Siemens SID803A ECU?(part2)

31 - How to find table of Continental SID209 Ford ranger?(part1)

32 - How to find table of Continental SID209 Ford ranger?(part 2)

33 - How to modify table of Continental SID209 Ford ranger? (part 3)

34 - VW Caddy EDC17 (PART1)

35 - VW Caddy EDC17 (PART2)

36 - BMW 530D EDC16 (Stage 1 tuning guide)