Cummins Insite 8.5 Pro+ZAP-IT Remover+Calterm v4.7

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1- Cummins Insite 8.5 Pro + ZAP-IT & ECM Password Remover


Size: 3 Gb
Region: All regions 
Type: Diagnostic Software for Cummins Engine 
OS: Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP 
Instructions + KG + KM: video guide
Installation: Multiple PCs

INSITE 8.5 PRO can perform engine diagnostics and display electronic engine information on your PC. With the diagnosis step by step engine built drawings and schematics, working with INSITE is easy. Using this software application will reduce troubleshooting time, errors or incorrect procedures, and quickly recover your vehicle back on the road.

Cummins Insite 8.5 provides quick access to travel information, set parameters and check / delete the information quickly and easily failures. Both the Lite version and Pro INSITE provide you help solving easy problems to follow, wiring diagrams, diagrams locating sensors and the ability to store information engine and ride a database for future use or as templates programming.

INSITE 8.5 Pro is a software application based PC that provides quick and easy access to information electronic access performance engine, enabling faster response times. INSITE helps to ensure accurate procedures and diagnosis and limit downtime, while increasing productivity and profits.

Cummins INSITE software supplies engine information quickly, getting the inside details you need. No matter what kind of equipment you run, INSITE is the product support that you must have in your virtual toolbox to fit every Cummins electronic engine.

The current version is v8.5 with professional level access.


Cummins factory Zap-It password removal code. 

Removes a single password when used with an active subscription of Cummins Insite.

And notice that the key generation and rupture files are special .exe so you need to exclude this activation file from your antivirus

2- Cummins Calterm v4 ( + MetaFiles) last version 11.2019 for Many PC


Calterm: Calibration Terminal v4.

The new version of Calterm is an engineering development and testing tool used to monitor the Electronic Control Module (ECM) for the Cummins engine system and to alter the calibration data contained therein. 

What functions do you think can be performed using Calterm 4?

- Perform Installation Quality Assurance testing
- Perform DPF regeneration
- View active and inactive fault codes
- Troubleshoot integration issues
- Troubleshoot calibration issues
- Collect engine/AT test data

Cummins Calterm can be used to:

– monitor ECM or any J1939/Datalink device parameters
– temporarily change calibrations
– view and erase fault codes
– log ECM and J1939/Datalink parameters

When to use Calterm 4 and not Insite™?

There are several instances when Calterm  is a preferred tool over Insite™:
– Calterm 4 allows the user to access additional parameters in the ECM
– Calterm 4 can log data at a faster rate
– Calterm 4 allows a user to temporary change calibrations and override parameters during testing

The supported DLA kits for Cummins Calterm 

[Diagnostic adapter interface] Cummins Inline 7 Data Link Adapter

Software config file is a text file that contains and assign the engine
parameters, along with their scaling and location inside the ECM

There are two types of software configuration files:

– .e2m (Core 1 products e.g EPA 2004 and below), and
– .ecfg (Core 2 products (Core 2 products e.g Above EPA 2007)

System requirements

- Windows 7, 8.1, 10 x86/x64 Bit Platforms
- At least 5 Gb of free space on your HDD
- Cummins Hardware interface to establish a connection between the vehicle ECM and Cummins Calterm software