Cummins Calterm v5.6 – With Kg

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Update: 2022
Size: 249 Mb 
Region: All region
Type: Diagnostic and calibration 
Language: English
OS: Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista
Instructions: Present
Installation: 1 PC (by teamviewer)
Amount of disks: 1 DVD 
Version: v5.4
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1 PC (no KG): Product activation for a single PC.
1 PC (KG Locked): Keygen with ONE PC LOCKED but to use it can make license for many PCs.

What functions do you think can be performed using Calterm 5?

Calterm 5.4
Engineering and FieldEngineering levels
Change log:
Following are the release contents for Calterm v5.4.0.036 :

New Engine product support

New features
* OTT – UDS DTC Faults, DTC fault snapshots
* OTT – UDS Session access and Security Levels
* OTT – UDS Start/Stop public broadcast (Communication Control)
* OTT – UDS ECU Reset
* CCSH/CCUTY Standalone
* CCSH Read parameter using read-group API
* Revert the current axis display direction
* Shared axis display for CSAR
* Creating screen file in the offline mode
* Provide multiple rows selection in Structured Subfile Selection window
Significant PR/CR Fixes:
* Editor memory leak issue
* Editor improvements graphical representation for Matrix Dim parameters
* CCSH and CUTY critical DCRs
* CLI support for CSAR
* CCUTY Crash issue in PUMA

– Perform Installation Quality Assurance testing
– Perform DPF regeneration
– View active and inactive fault codes
– Troubleshoot integration issues
– Troubleshoot calibration issues
– Collect engine/AT test data