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Cat Engine C15 SDP Off + Guide

$155.00 $200.00


Here is a pack of SDP off files.

All are in the 600 hp range.

They are meant to keep your parts intact to the engine.

The temp sensors in the ard head will still work for pyro regulation.

The separate file included is not a iva delete but the rest are.

Ivas on sdp engines only work on the regen cycle and that explains why sdp engines are 17-1 compresaion unlike the 18-1 compression acert that uses ivas all the time.

The regen cycle is gone so icas really dont matter as long as they are plugged in.

So either way you will be fine. I leave the ivas plugged in so We don't have to worry about the hanging wiring under the valve cover.

You will need to back off the ivas on the iva off files