Toyota TechStream v15.20.021 Diagnostic [08.2020]

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Update: 08.2020
Size: 415 Mb
Region: Japan, North America, Europe, Other
Type: Diagnostic tool 
Language: English, Francais, Spanish
OS: Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10 
Instructions + Fix: Present
Installation: Full
Amount of disks: 1 DVD
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The Toyota Techstream program is a dealership program of the Toyota automaker. The program works on the STANDARD j2534 interface.

For custom diagnostics, Toyota recommends using Mongoose Pro adapters with the program the company Drew Technologies.

This adapter will provide both high-quality diagnostics and flashing of Toyota electronic components. You can also run the program with the cheapest Chinese J2534 adapter - Mini-VCI. Due to its design features, this adapter does not withstand all the timings set by the program and causes connection failures. For better and cheaper diagnostics, we recommend the NISSAN 3line adapter.

Toyota - Lexus Calibration files + TIS (Technical Information System) + CUW (Calibration Update Wizard)

Calibration files Toyota - Lexus (North America 2000-2018, Europe 2010). we will provide some calibration files for some TOYOTA-LEXUS models in the North American region 2000-2018.

TIS- The Technical Information System or TIS is your service support source for all Toyota produced vehicles marketed in North America. TIS includes all of the vital information you'll need to effectively service most 1990 and later Toyota products.
CUW -Program for updating factory firmware of Toyota Lexus.

Supported diagnostic interface

Diagnostic adapter:

· Mongoose Pro - is recommended

· NISSAN 3line adapter

· Chinese J2534 adapter - Mini-VCI - unstable operation

· K-Line adapter

· K+CAN Commander adapter