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MERITOR WABCO TOOLBOX V13 Engineering - Latest Version

$95.00 $150.00


Size: 250 Mb
Region: All regions
Type: Diagnostic
Language: English
OS: Win Xp, Vista, Win 7, Win 10
Instructions + Fix: Present
Version: v13
Installation: 1 PC (by Teamviewer)


TOOLBOX PLUS provides an enhanced user experience to expedite vehicle and trailer diagnosis and minimize downtime. The software features a brand new user interface, support for WABCO’s current and latest product releases, automatic identification of WABCO systems on the vehicle, and pre-populated warranty forms for email to the WABCO Customer Care Center.

In addition to the newest features provided by TOOLBOX PLUS mentioned above, the advanced diagnostic software provides the same great features users have come to expect:

Displays both static and dynamic information from the system under test as well as both active and stored system faults

Activates components to verify system integrity and correct component operation and installation wiring

Provides access to repair documents, maintenance manuals and installation instructions" 

Provides reverse Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) lookup

Enables Aftermarket Programming for most pneumatic and hydraulic ABS ECUs