Inpower Pro V11.5 + Latest PGA Files (Calibration Files)

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InPower provides the following functions for monitored equipment:

•Direct connection capability from a personal computer to PowerCommand genset controls, transfer controls, and system controls; For details on devices supported refer Technical Details tab.

•Connection to generator set or transfer switch controls via modem or to multiple controls via PowerCommand (LonWorks) network.

•Allows the monitored equipment to send alarm information to a connected computer.

•Configurable for units of measurement, and level of user access (read only, read/change values, administrator).

•Adjustment of nearly every adjustment parameter within the connected control system, including parameters such as voltage and frequency levels, gains, protection set-points and other values.

•Convenient programming of configurable inputs in the controllers.

•Viewing of equipment history, fault codes, and data associated with fault codes.

•Generates reports of monitored data

•Allows released firmware upgrades on Power Command genset controls.

•Plot critical parameters in a strip chart format, and export data to 3rd party software tools for manipulation and viewing.

•Simulate fault conditions in genset controls in compliance to NFPA 110 requirements to demonstrate functionality of the controller and monitoring equipment in a facility.