Cummins DESA XML Tool v1.0

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This is a small tool that is used to modify the DESA configuration, it is very useful if you want to add a CBF file. Here is an example of product configuration.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<DESAConfiguration xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" ext=".xml" ver="4.0" typ="DESA Product ID File">


    <ProductID Name="BBZ">

      <Phase ID="53" FileName="3409277.cbf" />

      <Phase ID="44" FileName="3409273.cbf" />

      <Phase ID="27" FileName="Monarch_OBD_770044.cbf" />

      <Phase ID="62" FileName="BBZ_7.70.0.62_3409292.00.cbf" />

      <Phase ID="66" FileName="Monarch_OBD_770066.cbf" />


    <ProductID Name="BBO">

      <Phase ID="00" FileName="BBO_5.3.6.0_5331878.00.cbf" />


    <ProductID Name="BBP">

      <Phase ID="00" FileName="BBP_5.3.6.0_5331899.00.cbf" />