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COMMlNS CaIterm v5.11 last update 2023 + Bones

$95.00 $200.00


Update: 2023
Size: 249 Mb 
Region: All region
Type: Diagnostic and calibration 
Language: English
OS: Win 10, Win 11
Instructions: Present
Installation: 1 PC (by teamviewer)
Amount of disks: 1 DVD 
Version: v5.10
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The software is license protected. The activation is required. The license works for a single PC/Laptop and cannot be transferred or restored in case of laptop malfunction

1 PC (no KG): Product activation for a single PC.

What functions do you think can be performed using CaIterm5?

Engineering and FieldEngineering levels

Change log:

Following are the release contents for CaIterm v5.7.0.022 (Cardinal):

New Engine product support
New features
· OTT – UDS Normal and Test routine
· Tuning History Log
· CSAR D3 DTC status
· CSAR D3 Multi segment download
· CSE 03 Cyber Security: UDS Download
· CCUTY XCP client-CLIP Server support
· Windchill EJR format for upload to SPEED
· Display calibration CVN in unstructured assembler report
· Using ECM CAN id, Tool CAN id from A2L when working with XCP
· Protected Calterm for CSAR
Significant PR/CR Fixes:
· Crash issue with PUMA long duration testing
· Memory leak issue when loading Calterm screen multiple times
· Copy/Paste performance issue with table/array
· Calterm/CCSH does not update the changes for table/array of hex values
· Have graphical screen available for both IOCom and Telerix
· ASAM feature is not overriding the decimal values
CSAR monitoring data by address ​​​​​​​

Following are the release contents for CaIterm v5.4.0.036 :

New Engine product support

New features
* OTT – UDS DTC Faults, DTC fault snapshots
* OTT – UDS Session access and Security Levels
* OTT – UDS Start/Stop public broadcast (Communication Control)
* OTT – UDS ECU Reset
* CCSH/CCUTY Standalone
* CCSH Read parameter using read-group API
* Revert the current axis display direction
* Shared axis display for CSAR
* Creating screen file in the offline mode
* Provide multiple rows selection in Structured Subfile Selection window
Significant PR/CR Fixes:
* Editor memory leak issue
* Editor improvements graphical representation for Matrix Dim parameters
* CCSH and CUTY critical DCRs
* CLI support for CSAR
* CCUTY Crash issue in PUMA

– Perform Installation Quality Assurance testing
– Perform DPF regeneration
– View active and inactive fault codes
– Troubleshoot integration issues
– Troubleshoot calibration issues
– Collect engine/AT test data

Important updates:

1.) ASAM3 server now included in Calterm. No longer need CUTY to broadcast ECM connection to remote machine.
2.) You can now connect to older Celect+ modules. 
3.) You can now use Save and Restore and you will have two options (ECU MSNR or Tool MSNR). Tool MSNR is the same as INSITE Save and Restore.  Also note: You can save Tool MSNR file which is the exact same thing as INSITE's ECM Image feature. No longer a need for INSITE if you wish to not use it. 
4.) New CSAR and mid-range products are able to connect. You can now connect to dodge equipment with correct cbf.

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