CAT ERT Engine Reprogramming Tool

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CAT ERT Engine Reprogramming Tool For All Caterpillar Engines And Models 

CAT Engine Reprogramming Tool for ash programming C1.8, C2.4, C3.8 & C3.3B + Guide

The Engine Reprogramming Tool (ERT) is a Windows PC-based application to assist with ashing specic Engine ECUs or After treatment ACUs that do not follow the conventional Caterpillar Flash File process. 

The ERT application can ash these specic ECUs and ACUs when the service tool (Electronic Technician) is not currently capable of ashing these specic devices. 

The ERT application expects a specic type of flash file known as a DPK file. 

The *.DPK file 

extension differs from the traditional *.FLS, *.FL2 or *.FL3 file extensions used with the Electronic Technicians service tool. 

The ERT application is only meant to ash specic Engine Classes such as C1.8, C2.4, C3.3B and C3.8, plus an After treatment ACU associated with the Tier4 Final Engine (C3.8). 

These Engine Classes are typically installed on SSL, CTL, MTL, certain Paving Products, CWL or other small construction machine equipment.