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Cat C15 Acert MXS/NXS IVA/VVA Off (12 files) 475 to 700hp + Guide

$199.00 $300.00


Step by step guides attached

Many are professionally written. Some are newly written, some are older. Some were very expensive,
All are worth trying for someone wanting to find a file that works for your situation. Can be used with single turbos or keep the twins. Watch your exhaust temps either way. Some files keep the ivas plugged in and are what are called sleep files, some are iva unplugged.
we like the 525hp with a single turbo, the 560 works great either single or twins, the 575 works great with either single or twin and gets great mpg, and the 700 is for twin turbos only. Those are my favorites. 
we have included a good how to article with details of the steps you must take for your own truck.
we have included a wash file and a file to restore timing to early 3406e models which helps with responsiveness, mpg and temps.