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Carrier TRU-Tech & TRU-View v01.14 + unlocking Kg



With License levels:
TRU-Tech & TRU-View (Dealer Version)"
"TRU-Tech & TRU-View (Lite Version)" 
"TRU-Tech & TRU-View (Engineering Version)" 
"TRU-Tech & TRU-View (Supra S PDI Version)"

Languges: English,Spanish,French,Russian

The TRU-Tech & TRU- View program enables the user to do the following:
* Monitor data using the window Monitor Reefer Live in real-time via USB/RS-232 port, the current status of the microprocessor inputs, outputs, refrigeration sensors, electrical sensors, engine sen-sors, alarms, and temperature sensors.
* Log (record) sensor data to a file for diagnostic purposes using the window Monitor Reefer Live.
* Download Advance and Summit data via Serial/USB port communications, APX (Zenith) Controller download (USB port only) & online download using CAN bus in the option Download Live.
* Download the data using the options: All Data, Since Last Download Event, Last 30 days, By Trip & By Date.
* Display, Edit and Send Unit Model Number, Serial Number and Trailer ID to the respective micro-processors using the option Set Micro Information.
* Display, edit and Send Functional Parameters and Configuration Settings to the microprocessors and data recorders using the option Reefer Setup Live.
* Set the date and time in the Real Time Clock used in the Data Recorder using the option Set Date/Time.
* Read and write Hour Meter values using the option Set New Micro Hours.

* Support Download, Configuration, and Program PC Card /USB operations.
* Customize Advance & APX (Zenith) Micro display messaging.
* Provide a security logon system controlled by a System Administrator

The TRU-View program enables the user to do the following:
* Read *.DCX, *.ZDX and *.ZAX download files from Advance and APX (Zenith) Microcontrollers.
* Create various customized reports that include set point, sensors, and events.
* Create various customized graphical reports.
* Print numerical, graphical, and event reports.
* View and print refrigeration system settings
* Filter download data by date range and sensors/events
* Search for a Sensor or Event of Interest.
* Synchronize multiple graphical and numerical windows to better understand historical operation.
* PC Setup enables the user to select how to display various parameters for use in the graph and text window. For example, the user can select to see temperatures in either °F or °C; Pressure in psig, bars, or kPa, and dates in either mm/dd/yyyy format, or dd/mm/yyyy format.
* Easily adjust X and Y axis and color scheme to accommodate various data.
* Export data to a spreadsheet friendly format such as MS Excel, PDF.