BRP Utility and Diagnostic Megatech key 10 years

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the serial number from the back of theMPI-2 interface ,
please see image below or contact us for more information

Megatech Key Features:
1. Changing of the VIN number, MODEL number.
2. Advanced settings.
3. View stories in hours, rather than percentage.
4. Enabling / Disabling DESS (vehicle can be started with any DESS key).
5. Change the key type without reprogramming (normal, learning, rental).
6. Clear the history of the blocks ECM, MPEM (history of substitutions).
7. Cleaning unit ECM, MPEM, CLUSTER "as new" (resetting the hours on 4-TEC Seadoo, up to 2010).
8. View more information blocks.
9. Installing Secure Code.


Also avalible keys:
- Police
- Renter
- Test
- Conversion
- Development
- Engineering
- Megatech
- Sport Boat Dealer
- PWC Dealer
- Snowmobile dealer
- ATV Dealer
- SSV Dealer
- Roadster Dealer


the price not for cable

we don't sell cable

we only sell key

you should tell us the serical number to get the key. 

we don't sell mpi2 interface, you need have it by yourself.