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Chip Tuning Course with 1TB Ecu Files, Remaps Database and Ecm Titanium Lessons 2022

$550.00 $900.00

The Most Powerful And Professional Chip Tuning Tutorial with 1TB Ecu Files, Remaps Database and Ecm Titanium Lessons & All needed Program + Gift 

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Last update: 2022
Size: 1TB
Region: All regions
Type: Chip Tuning Tutorial and Ecm Titanium Lessons
Language: English,Spanish,French,Italian,Russian,German,Denish,Polish,Finnish,Dutch,CzechNorwegian,Portuguese,Japanese,Swedish,Slovenia,Thai,Turkish,Greek,Hungarian,Arabic,Korea
OS: Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP
Instructions: Present
Installation: Full
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General Details

1.) With this training, You will no longer need anyone. You too will become a tuner.

2.) Stage 1-2-3 will usually only take 5 minutes of your time. Rarely 30-60 minutes. But you will be able to easily edit any file.

3.) Education is available in all languages. We are the first person in the world to prepare this.

4.) Don't compare it to simple youtube videos. You cannot learn anything from them. If you really want to learn; This is the first and only training you are looking for. And you won't find it anywhere else.

5.) It doesn't matter whether it is atmospheric, turbocharged, gasoline or diesel. You can edit all of them. This is what makes this training unique.




Our vision:

* We increase the horsepower and torque of the cars and save fuel.

* The original files of the cars are sent to us over the internet and we send these files back to them after we have modified them.

We serve every country in the world.

As an extra: We provide training on how to do these.

Our aim is to serve the whole world in a professional way by keeping up with innovations.


ECM Titanium Lessons

Our special training package is provided with ready-made car files (350gb) and practical videos.

Everyone who has been trained has become a professional. Usually 5 minutes is spent on a file. 


The training content :

* It teaches you how to copy car files quickly with ecm titanium. (The sw and hw numbers are unimportant.)

* You can work with gasoline, diesel, atmospheric, turbo engine and any ecu. With this method, you will be able to do all of them very easily.

* Cracked Ecm Titanium is sufficient. It doesn't need to be driver and damos. You just need to have a device that you can import files from cars. You will not make any other payments.

* You will learn how to checksum with ecm titanium and winols. (It is a 1 minute process.)

* I give you all the programs you need. And all the car files I have.
* You will be able to do the following. 

     - Stage 1 , Stage 2, Stage 3, Dpf off,  Egr off, Lambda off, Vmax off, Adblue off, pop bangs or anything... (But the easiest is; Stage 1-2-3 is to do.) 

The method

* we teach the fastest way to copy a car file.
If there is no file to copy, I provide how much value you will give which map with source files.
There is no car file that you can't do with this method. You can do it with any ecu.
Even if you don't know anything, You can organize a car file with a 4-hour training package.

Tutorial Descriptions:

* You can make software without "ecm titanium" driver.

* You can make software without "winols - damos".

*car files are usually done in 5 minutes

*2021 model car, You can do it with cracked ecm titanium.

*If your grandfather watches these videos; will be a professional software developer !



1. It is the strongest and easiest training in the world. You will learn everything in a short time.

2. It's about 4 hours of video.

3. Besides the videos; All programs and car files are gifts.

4. There is no such explanation in the market. It has been carefully prepared.

5. Unexplained methods that chip tuners do not describe are explained.

6. Subtitles are available in all languages. All languages; understandable.

7. These videos are; Prepared by an experienced and professional teacher.

8. A lot of effort has been spent. Please do not share it with anyone.

9. Technical support is always available.

10.  I show all the cars I prepared with the video. I will share it all with you.