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Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX 12.9.1 FULL - 05.2019 - 808TRUCK




Update: 05.2019
Size: 113 Mb
Region: All regions
Type: Diagnostic
Language: English
OS: Win Xp, Vista, Win 7, Win 10
Instructions + Fix: Present
Version: v12.9.1
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Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX software provides PC diagnostics for SmartTrac™, including Tractor and Trailer Pneumatic ABS, Trailer RSSplus™, Trailer EBS™, Hydraulic ABS and Hydraulic Power Brake (HPB), as well as OnGuard™, OnLane™ and OptiRide™ Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS).

Streamline your diagnostic time, increase uptime and put safer trucks on the road with TOOLBOX software solutions for Meritor WABCO components.

Meritor WABCO TOOLBOX Diagnostic Software Release Notes

1.) SmartTrac Hydraulic Aftermarket Programming – New
2.) RSS – Added Smart Brake Interlock
3.) TCS II – Added Auto Tail and Tire Inflation/Door Ajar .tio files
4.) Fixed AMProg (PABS, HABS) unhandled exception on 32-bit operating systems
5.) E8 – E8.13 ESC lamp functionality added
6.) OnGuard – Added ECR2 and FTEN; added ECR1 Decoder
7.) OnLane – Minor fix to work with 500k on a gateway
8.) SmartTrac PABS, Blind Spot, EBS – minor upgrades

Pneumatic ABS ( J1939)
OnLane LDW
Aftermarket Programming
ECAS CAN 2 ( Trucks and Bus) (Remaining Running Time 9 day)