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Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2019 v1 - 808TRUCK
Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2019 v1 - 808TRUCK
Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2019 v1 - 808TRUCK

Noregon JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2019 v1



JPRO Professional 2019 v1

  • Description
    Update: 2019
    Size: 700 Mb
    Type: Noregon JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics
    Region: All regions
    Language: English
    SO: Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP
    Instructions : VIDEO


  • Support for the new International N13 Engine.  
Coverage Updates (Available as a part of JPRO Fleets 2019 v1
Auxiliary Components
M2 Bulkhead Module​
Bendix Wingman Systems​
NEW! JPRO Command Module — Mack and Volvo — Available NOW! 
New functionality in JPRO Command Module — Mack and Volvo includes: 
Bi-directional testing and controls on 2007 and newer Mack or Volvo vehicles with Mack and Volvo engines.​
Reads vehicle controllers on the truck and displays detailed fault codes and component data.​
Displays information on all Mack and Volvo components and other non-Mack and Volvo components (such as ABS, Electronic transmissions and power units.) In one glance, a technician can see vehicle temps, battery life, gauges and switches.​Performs critical commanded tests and bi-directional testing and functions on Mack and Volvo engines, including: Manual Regeneration of the diesel particulate filter; cylinder cut out tests for fuel injectors; set road and cruise control speed tests, set parameters for idle shutdown times; reset trip data​
Generate trip report information, including: total running time and distance, fuel economy, average driving speed, idle times, hard braking and other data related to the vehicle driver performance.​
– Support for the new JPRO with ASIST module which provides the ability to 
upload vehicle connection data to the ASIST platform, developed by Decisiv for​Volvo and Mack Trucks​
NOTE: Installing the ASIST module will require personnel with ASIST Admin level​access to provide ASIST Username and Password.​
NOTE: The ASIST module require either a heavy-duty or medium-duty module to be able​to connect to vehicles.​​
– JPRO Heavy-Duty Module​
– Data Monitor update to show Power Diagram to aid in the diagnosis​of electrical problems
​– Support for Paccar 2010 and newer CAN Body Controllers
​– Clear faults support for Paccar engine controllers
​– Support for more proprietary sensor data on Detroit engines
​​– JPRO Heavy-Duty Command Module – Detroit​
– Additional Bi-Directional support for Detroit engines:​
– Cylinder Cut-Off now available for 2000-2014
​– DPF Service Regen now available for 2007-2014
JPRO® Professional Diagnostic Software Includes all features provided by the following features:
✓ JPRO® Heavy-Duty Features
✓ JPRO® Heavy-Duty Support for – Cummins
✓ JPRO® Heavy-Duty Support for – Detroit
✓ JPRO® Heavy-Duty Support for – International
✓ JPRO® Heavy-Duty Support for – Mack and Volvo
✓ JPRO® Heavy-Duty Support for – Paccar
✓ JPRO® Medium-Duty Support for – Ford
✓ JPRO® Medium-Duty Support for – GM
✓ JPRO® Medium-Duty Support for – Isuzu
✓ JPRO® Medium-Duty Support for – Sprinter
Also, includes the following features:
• Dashboard Brake Lamp Tests on all Wabco and Bendix EC-80 braking systems.
• Wheel Speed Window Test and Wheel Speed Chart Test used to verify and test wheel speed sensors on all tractor and trailer braking systems.
• Access to historical fault data from previous JPRO® connections which can be used to identify intermittent vehicle issues.
NOTE: Requires internet access.
• Ability to remove access to setting road and cruise speed limits. If interested in limiting these capabilities. • Fault Assistance providing technician friendly descriptions for fault status values from both the Fault Display and the Data Monitor.
• Overall vehicle health indicators including Active Faults Present, Battery Voltage Low, Consumable Fluid(s) Low, No J1939 Data, Cannot Detect ABS, DPF Regen Needed and DPF Regen Inhibited.
• Diagnostic connector pinout diagrams for Heavy-Duty and Medium-Duty cable connectors to aid in troubleshooting connection issues.