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CNH EST Firmware Encrypt Decrypt Tool 2017

$275.00 $350.00


Last update: 2017
Size: 80 Mb
Region: All regions 
Type: CNH EST Firmware Encrypt Decrypt Tool
Language: English
OS: Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, Win 10
Instructions: Present
Installation: Full PC LOCKED
Number of discs: 1 CD
Version: v2.6.84
High speed download link


This tool decrypt firmwares from EST disk to HEX format and encrypt them back.

Decrypted firmwares you can open in WinOls (or in other chiptuning programs) and edit about 15000 values,parameters and maps.

Configurations (damos, asap2) files are also included for all firmwares.

Supported EBUs:

EDC7UC31, EDC16C39, EDC17C49, EDC17V41, EDC MS6.2, EDC7 C1, EDC15


KG PC locked