Cummins ISB CM550 (1990-94) Fault Code: 134 PID: 29 SPN: 29 FMI: 4 Remote Throttle Position Sensor

Circuit Description
The remote throttle pedal provides the driver’s throttle command to the electronic control
module (ECM) through the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) harness and the OEM
interface harness. The ECM uses this signal to determine the fueling command.

Component Location
The remote throttle pedal location varies with each OEM. Refer to the OEM manual.

Shop Talk
The remote throttle position sensor is a potentiometer. The resistance specifications of the
throttle position sensor is as follows:
1) Between supply and return = 2000 to 3000 ohms
2) Between supply and signal: Released = 1500 to 3000 ohms; depressed = 200 to 1500

NOTE: If the remote throttle position sensor is changed, or after a calibration download, cycle
the throttle pedal (keyswitch in the ON position) through its complete travel three times. This
procedure calibrates the new remote throttle with the ECM.
1) The remote throttle enable switch must be turned on for the remote throttle to operate.
2) Possible causes of this fault code include an open circuit in the supply wire, short circuit
to ground in the supply or signal wires, defective remote throttle position sensor, or a
failed ECM power supply.

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