DDDL Diagnostic Link 8.16 Relese Features Summary

DDDL Diagnostic Link 8.16 Relese Features Summary

Service Diagnostics & Tools
• Release Features Summary
• Covers support for DD15TCO, DD13TCO, MY2022 HDEP FE1, and MY2022 MDEG software packages
• Open Log file form enhancements to show decoded VIN
• PTO1 and PTO2 Engagement Diagnostic panel for 49X
• Gen 5 Fuel System Integrity Check (FSIC) not reaching 800 bar
• Diagnostic panel support for DD13 HP Exhaust Gas Flap Slow Learn Procedure
• View/compare part number data for upload
• DPF serial number change for panels in the tool
• References shortcuts to eParts catalog and Vehicle literature have been removed
• Display panel option (previously released)
• Test Network (previously released)
• System Requirements

• DD13TCO, DD15TCO, DD16 FE1 MY2022 HDEP:
• MCM21T – m19.1.1.3
• ACM301T – S10.51.1.0
• CPC501T – R20.31
• CPC04T – R46.00.000a
• TCM01T – NAMT20.14.03
• DD13 FE1 MY2022 HDEP:
• MCM21T – m7.9.0.2(FE1) , m14.3.1.1(Full range misfire)
• ACM21T – e7.61.1.0
• CPC04T – R46_00_000a
• TCM01T – NAMT20.14.03
• CPC501T – 20.31

MY2022 – MDEG:
• MCM21T – m19.1.2.3
• ACM03T – s13.57.2.0
• CPC04T – R46_00_000a
• CPC05T – R20.31

Open Log File Form to Show the Decoded VIN Information
• DiagnosticLink has the ability to decode VIN information.
• This feature is leveraged in the Open Log File Form to show the decoded VIN of each log file in the list.
• This is useful for looking for an example connection of a specific vehicle type.

CEEA+ PTO1 and PTO2 Engagement Panel
• A new panel to monitor signals related to PTO engagement on CEEA+ trucks.
• This will help technicians perform diagnostics for the PTO system related to engagement
and basic speed control.

Gen 5 Fuel System Integrity Check (FSIC) not reaching 800 bar
There has been a longstanding issue where occasionally the FSIC would fail to complete because the rail pressure
would not meet the commanded value.
• Since Gen 5, this became a more common issue.
• It was discovered that an increase of engine speed would allow the ECU to raise the rail pressure to meet the commanded value.
• This as implemented within the automatic FSIC and within the FSIC Leak Test.

DD13 HP Exhaust Gas Flap Slow Learn Routine
• EGF Actuator Slow Learn panel for DDEC20-DD13 engines.
• This is similar to the EGR Slow Learn Routine panel, but with Actuator 4 selected.

View or Compare Part Number Data for Upload
During the 8.14 lifecycle there was an issue where part number data uploaded to the server was incorrect.
• There was no way to see the part number data that would be uploaded to the EDEX server, in the client itself. It was necessary to manually decrypt
files on the machine. Even then, the data was difficult to analyze as it was simply a set of part numbers.
• In 8.15 we provide a “View” button for upload data, which shows the part numbers along with their meaning, along with a colour-highlighted comparison against data that was downloaded.
• In the example here, a parameter was changed in the Parameter view (to the value in the default string/domain).
• This view can also be used to verify that data was programmed correctly.

Compare Parameters Allow Compare of Data for Upload
• The Compare Parameters view is expanded to allow view and comparison of data that will be uploaded to the server.
• The view in Compare Parameters compares content at the name or value pair level.
• Here we see the difference in content from a live ECU compared to what would be uploaded.
• The items PELC_Panic_ExtLt_Frequency and PELC_UL3_Alert_Speed are highlighted, because there are no part numbers defined to represent their values in the ECU.
• As content is uploaded to EDEX by part number, the values are not stored on the server.
• This indicates a data creation (CCF) deficiency.

DPF Serial Number Change for Panels In the Tool
• DPF Ash Accumulator and SCR
Replacement panel serial numbers are less restrictive.
• The fields now accept alphanumeric text that are three or more characters.

References Shortcut to eParts Removed and updated to PartsPro
• References shortcut to PartsPro added
• References (eParts and Vehicle literature) removed

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